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The Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine for the launch of their new literary journal, Narrateur, Reflections on Caring, which will take place on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

The American Osler Society and Professor Michael Bliss, President, in recognition of this year's annual meeting held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Joshua Mirkin, a first year medical student and member of our Steering Committee who was lead author of an article on prostate cancer recently published in the journal Health Affairs.  His co-authors included Dr. William Lowrance of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah; Dr. Andrew Feifer, a Urologic Oncologist at the University of Toronto; Dr. John Mulhall, Director of the Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program, Dr. James Eastham, Chief of Urology, as well as, Dr. Elena Elkin, Researcher in the Center for Health Policy, all of whom are on staff at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City

Opportunity to become actively involved:

We are in a state of reorganization for 2012 and would like to solicit all members of the Society and other interested individuals to contribute their suggestions and consider participation in programming as well as  membership in our Steering Committee.

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 2011 A Banner Year

A special thank you once again, to a wonderful group of national and international figures in medicine who have graced our podium, shared their thoughts and inspired us with their persona. Thank you as well to the many talented singers, musicians, poets, and readers who performed at these events. And finally, very many thanks to our Patrons and Benefactors, our Steering Committee and all of our members and guests who were so generous in supporting our Society and its activities. 

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We need your help to continue with our unique programming and the expansion of our activities.  (Please click on “Mission Statement”).  Now more than ever the “House of Medicine”, physicians, nurses, hospitals, healthcare administrators, and health educators are facing a myriad of challenges and our unique approach, which is only a part of a very large effort from many different organizations, nonetheless, remains quite distinctive and serves a vital role which is otherwise not addressed.

Membership in the Osler Society of New York is open to physicians, nurses, medical students, scientists, healthcare administrators, historians, scholars, librarians, artists, writers, philosophers, bibliophiles, literati, patrons of the arts and sciences, and others inspired by the life, work and legacy of Sir William Osler.

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With Many Thanks, Members of the Steering Committee
Dr. Martin Edelstein, Dr. Constance Bernstein,
Dr. Gary Deutsch (Resident, Surgery),
Dr. Randy Feingold, Dr. Alice Fornari, Dr. Barbara Hirsch,
Dr. Bruce Hirsch, Dr. Seymour Katz, Dr. Andrew Menzin,
Dr. Tanveer Mir, Josh Mirkin (Med Student-First Year),
Melanie Mund (Resident, Medicine), Dr. Samuel Packer, Dr. Italo Zanzi


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"To each one of you the practice of medicine will be very much as you make it – to one a worry, a care, a perpetual annoyance; to another, a daily joy and a life of as much happiness and usefulness as can well fall to the lot of man."
– Sir William Osler

"To prevent disease, to relieve suffering and to heal the sick-this is our work."
- Sir William Osler

"He who practices medicine without a cause…is as one who navigates without a rudder and oars."
– Dr. John Hall [1575-1635]
Son-in-Law of William Shakespeare

"In no relationship is the physician more often derelict than in his duty to himself"
- Sir William Osler

"When that time [death] shall come, I shall relinquish many attractions of life, and among them a pleasure which has to me no equal in human pursuits; I mean that which I derive from studying, teaching and practicing medicine."
- Benjamin Rush [1745?-1813]
Physician, Patriot, Signer of the Declaration of Independence